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Anticipating the Evolution of Live Online Casinos by 2030: 5 Transformations in Store

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The iGaming sector, encompassing online casinos and betting platforms, has undergone a remarkable transformation over recent decades. We’ve journeyed from the static internet casinos of the 1990s and early 2000s to the mobile revolution in the 2010s. Casino operators, arguably more foresighted than other entertainment sectors, recognized the ‘mobile’ future. The introduction of live dealer games in the 2010s was a pivotal moment, bringing an authentic casino experience to players.

As we look ahead to the 2030s, what’s the next phase in live casinos? Here, we outline five predictions for this evolving landscape:

AI Croupiers

Just a few years ago, AI croupiers would have been deemed absurd. However, significant strides in artificial intelligence make it not only possible but likely to see AI integration in live casinos. AI is already considered for film character creation, so why not for the live casino? The key question is whether players will embrace the idea of playing with holographic dealers. The appeal of live dealer casinos lies in their friendly and professional human dealers. Can a bot provide an authentic experience?

VR/AR Takeover

Gradual Progress Leading to Total Immersion The concept of virtual reality and metaverse casinos has been discussed for a long time with little visible progress. Yet, with new technology emerging from tech giants like Apple and Google, both developing VR/AR headsets for the mass market, we’re nearing a tipping point. The idea of stepping into a live casino environment and taking a seat at a virtual table is captivating for casino players. It’s a matter of ‘when,’ not ‘if.’

Remote Play at Elite Casinos

While not entirely novel, the concept is gaining momentum, as demonstrated by Evolution Gaming’s Dual Play Games. This innovation allows players to participate remotely in games held at physical casinos. Picture this: someone in their bedroom placing bets but playing alongside others at renowned casinos like Bellagio or Casino de Monte Carlo. The novelty and excitement of this idea, albeit with some teething issues in Evolution’s rollout, suggest it will gain traction in the coming years.

Emergence of Casino Game Shows

The casino industry, known for preserving traditional games like poker, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack, is witnessing change through live casino game shows. Developers such as Playtech and Evolution are breathing life into captivating concepts like Monopoly Live, Crazy Time, Adventures Beyond Wonderland, and Big Bad Wolf Live. While they won’t supplant the classics, these game show-style titles will become integral to the casino experience in the years ahead.

Blockchain Integration

Cryptocurrency has its share of skeptics, and its future remains uncertain. However, the underlying blockchain technology holds significant promise in the tech world. Beyond cryptocurrency complexities, blockchain offers an immutable public ledger that secures records against alteration. Developers like Provably Fair have already adopted it for certain casino games. Its potential inclusion in live casino games is clear, offering players a means to verify results and historical data, ultimately enhancing trust in the platforms.”


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